PVMS Laptop DisplayVideo Surveillance is the backbone of a unified security footprint. When a security team captures IP security video that streams via the network and is captured for storage, the team is in the best position to capture relevant images to prevent criminal activities. When security video can be tied to data from other security tools, such as access control, video analytics, and more, the security team can be proactive in their approach. It’s all about catching criminals in the act and reliably using forensic evidence to keep people safe and assets secure.

At Progressive Systems, we commit to providing powerful video surveillance systems to keep our customers safe. Our team recommends Perspective VMS®, an enterprise level video management software by LENSEC. PVMS is browser-based software that is easy to use. However, PVMS has proven power to manage advanced security systems. Ask our team about the benefits of Perspective VMS.

LENSEC Provides the Power of Perspective VMS

Access ControlAccess Control is a security device designed to allow or defer access through facility doors.  Progressive Systems can help you with a few doors at one site or thousands of doors and many different locations. We have technology partners that offer well-developed access control technologies for your security needs.

RFID TrackingRFID is used to track location of objects by use of radio frequency identification. You might be familiar with then when stores place RFID devices in packages or on clothes to make sure they don’t leave the premises without purchase. Radio frequency identification can be used with a lot of different types of devices. A university campus may place RFID tags on expensive equipment and computers to track locations. A military or security team may put RFID tags on weapons to ensure the proper people are assigned to the correct weapon.

Our team has skill in deploying RFID systems and recommend best practices for systems design.

Parking GatesSecurity Gates and Traffic Barriers are helpful for enforcing security and vehicle flow patterns. These security devices are installed at parking garages, business driveways, and other perimeter locations to ensure people with clearance get to their destination, while unauthorized personnel are restricted from access sensitive areas.

Intrusion DetectionPerimeter Intrusion Detection uses various security technology to monitor site perimeters for line-crossing by unauthorized personnel. Our Physical Security Specialists use tools like, video analytics, infrared beam breaks, and more to secure fence-lines for intrusion.

Automatic License Plate RecognitionAutomatic License Plate Recognition cameras and software is used to capture images of vehicles and convert the LP information to text. The LP metadata can be compared to databases to determine if the vehicles are to be allowed or not.

Facial RecognitionFacial Recognition is an advanced video analytic that compares security video of people’s faces with images in a database. The facial recognition software compared the two images to determine a confidence level of the cataloged person.

Video AnalyticsVideo analytics software is designed to analyze security video for certain activity that is pre-defined by algorithms written into the software. The software determines what the scene might be displaying. For example, it can tell the difference between a human and an animal within the field of view of the camera. Upon determining a human shape, an alert can be triggered to let the user know the parameters of the alert have occurred. The software can tag the event and notify the user of the incident.